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Hi there My name is Paul Jones but I would like you to call me PJ Entrepreneur. I am Based in Shenzhen, China and always Happy to meet new Entrepreneurs with their ideas. If you are looking to meet me please send me an E-mail to pj@pj-Entrepreneur.com or by Using contact tab that is on every page with a red box :-)

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Do you know me? Well Maybe read ABOUT ME to know more about me. I am looking to grow my Business to all over the world lets see if we can work together?

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I have on going more than 5 ventures and looking to grow these ventures to all over the world. If you are interested in any ventures lets discuss about it to market it where ever you are!

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Well I can`t define and show my respect and love for PJ-Entrepreneur He is realy kind and Awesome one I always wanted work with peoples like PJ specially when i knew about my craziness Thank you Paul Be Blessed. Sooban Haider